When Internet Culture Goes Mainstream

NFT's on SNL and Ketchup at the Oscar's

The culture of the internet become opportunities for brands to tastefully enter the conversation. It opens the door to a world that has so much potential and so much attention.

Some brands jump in, and it’s a disaster.

No one wants product rammed down their throat while browsing their favorite subreddit.

But every so often you see an ad or campaign and you say to yourself “they just get it.” Whatever it is. They just get it.

That’s what happened when my friend Scott Monty sent me this video from Heinz.

Watch that and tell me you didn’t either laugh or say to yourself “oh wow, I didn’t realize how much ketchup has been a part of iconic scenes!”

I did both.

A campaign like this does a some things really well.

  • Hits on a trending event or topic

  • Brand relevant

  • Cheeky

  • Engages the audience

Understanding internet culture these days has become the price of entry. Without understanding how to create content that resonates, you don’t even leave the starting gate.

Heinz knows that there is always a lot of buzz around snubs at award shows each year. It’s talked about more than the winners themselves.

This is a prime example of content and community combined with data that works.

Kudos, Heinz.

Culture Dictates Content

Internet culture is the new market mover.

Take, for example, SNL. They’re tapping into the latest internet trends and cultural moments for material on the show.

The Sea Shanty trend was huge on TikTok. Everyone had their favorite shanty. Creators were pulling millions of views singing these super catchy tunes. As the trend grew, the songs evolved, and soon they were everywhere. Including SNL!

Enter NFT’s, the latest trending topic on the internet. Most people outside the internet world have yet to understand, or have even heard of NFT’s and blockchain.

So what did SNL do?

“Eminem”, Jack Harlow and crew rap about NFT’s and blockchain.

On the surface, it might not be that important, but this is how things enter mainstream conversations and break the confines of internet-only.

Some purists say it’s not “cool”, but others that look to the utility of what something like NFT’s provide are ecstatic. Artists that are looking to get more eyeballs on their work are too.

I’ll be paying more attention to SNL skits to see what other things they focus on, but there’s one thing for certain: if it’s internet big, SNL is probably going to find a way to turn it into a skit.


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